Essay on Steroids: Drug Test and Steroids

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Synthetic hormones that can boost the body’s ability to prevent muscle break down and produce muscle are known as steroids. More often used in sporting activities, steroids help you gain muscle faster and you’ll also feel mentally strong. Due to the extra advantage it gives you as opposed to someone who doesn’t use it, steroids are illegal. With the hopes of being able to lift heavier weights, run faster, hit farther, jump higher and even run faster, some athletes decide to take the drug anyway. If someone with that advantage came out and beat you despite all of the hard work you put in, you would think that they cheated you.
Steroids in sports now are like sexual harassment is in the main workforce. I say this because both of them you don’t want in your job because you feel like someone are getting the upper hand but they continue to come up over and over again. Sexual harassment is something that gets overlooked a lot and because it is overlooked a lot, it keeps happening. Just like steroids gets overlooked a lot and that’s why we keep having incidents on it even today. In the main office, if a man sexually harasses a female employee and she tells the supervisor, he will think that she is lying and he thought that his male employee has no reason to do that because he has a wife at home and is your son in law. What if he moved him up in the company just so that he could get away from her? Even if she is better than him he still gets the job even after he sexually harassed her. This is just like when athletes still get paid when they are on a ban. Not from their team but from sponsorship and other big bucks that they are making. I believe that if you are banned from the league then you should also be banned from all the outside money you are making because you are in the league. Most likely you will not be getting that money if you weren’t in that league. Still getting rewarded for doing something bad will make people never learn the lesson. If my parents gave my parents gave me a reward every time I got a bad grade in school then I probably wouldn’t even be in college now, because I would have thought that that was the right thing to do because I kept getting rewarded for it. Take rewards out and add more punishments and then the players will finally listen. I believe that the random drug testing in sports in vital and gives the athlete less leeway to use the steroid. I believe this because if they do not know when they are getting tested for it, then they cannot make a plan to get it out of their system. If there were set days that they had to take the test, the athlete could easier find a way to get away with it. But with the random testing, they could walk into work any day and be asked to take the test. This will keep the athletes more on their toes and less likely to commit the offense. But this doesn’t stop everyone because I have heard of players getting caught for having something in their system since the bans were lengthened. Players will try to find every way possible to get a gain. Especially when it comes to men and sports. Then you throw in the factor of more money to those who are better than everyone else. Those facts will make it hard for any men not to try to get the extra edge. A lot of players have been suspended from the ban but that still doesn’t seem to stop them from trying it. If I was the commissioner of any of the major sports brands, to stop the outbreak of steroids, I will enforce some pretty tight rules to get my point across. First of all the ban has to be longer so that the players would get the message. For any of the major professions I would charge any player for the first time offense of having a season ban. If