Steroids In Sports

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Chris Forsyth
English 12
Research Paper
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Steroids have been in many sports including football, baseball, etc, and it has been increasing over the years. The ADA “Anti­Doping Agency” has banned steroids in all sports.
Athletes who have tested positive for steroids face a huge penalty including all season suspension or loss of money. Steroids should be allowed in sports because not only do steroids make the user a better athlete, it is also the user’s own decision to use the substance, and statistics prove the steroids make all sporting events much more enjoyable.
Steroids in baseball have no doubt made the game more entertaining, especially by two men Mark Mcgwire and Barry Bonds. In 2001, Bonds hit 28 home runs in the first 50 games of the season, average baseball players dont hit that many in a 162 game season. In the 2001 season
Bonds had 476 plate appearances, .328 batting average which is above average, he also had 137
R.BI.’s,. That season Bonds hit 73 home runs, which is a record in the MLB since 2001. Bonds took the homerun record from Mark McGwire who had 70 in the 1998 season, McGwire record only lasted 3 years while Bonds record still to this day, nobody has even come close the record
73 (Baseball 1). In 1998, Mark Mcgwire had his best season on steroids He had 70 home

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runs and 147 RBIs while batting a .300 batting average, which is an average batting average for a baseball player (Baseball 2).

The game of baseball had many great players due to steroids; Bonds, Mcgwire, Canseco and Roger Clemens. Bonds was great with his power due to steroids and so was Mcgwire. Bonds played 21 season for the Pirates and Giants, he finished his career with a .298 BA 2935 Hits 762
HR 1996 RBI. In Bonds’ 21 years in the MLB he was a 7x MVP, 14x all star, 8x gold glove, and holds the all time home run record with (762) and most homeruns in a single season (73).
(Diaz 1). Roger Clemens who was a pitcher for the Yankees, Blue Jays, Astros and Red Sox. He admitted to using steroids. During his 23 year career he was an 11x all star, 7x Cy Young winner, and 2x World Series champion. Clemens retired at the age of 40 with a historical season, going 17­9 with a 3.91 ERA, a World Series appearance and his legacy in tact. He signed a 1 year deal at the age of 42 with the Astros. At 42 Clemens became the oldest player to win a CY young award. (Diaz 2)
Taking steroids in sports should not fall under the league's…