Steroids Persuasive Speech

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Matt was a skinny, weak teenager, he wanted to look buff and stronger but the lifting regiment he was doing just wasn’t cutting it. Until one day in his local gym this very big buff guy asked him if he wanted to get ripped fast and matt was all in. He gave him a needle with a clear liquid in it and told Matt to inject it in his arm and everyday Matt did so. Matt was looking better than ever and only in a couple months. He went to the doctor for a check up and the doctor told him he had liver failure and Peliosis Hepatis, which could cause death if not treated. There are many different kinds of steroids and health problems that come with using them. Even though using steroids and substances may give you big muscles and make you stronger, it can also have very negative effects in the long run.
Some people say that using steroids are fine as long as you don’t overuse it. However, they are wrong because just from using it occasionally, you can still possibly be
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There are many other effects, but here’s a few in just males, infertility, abnormal breast tissue development, testicular shrinkage, and male-pattern baldness (Drugs 2004: Steroids: Is Bulking Up Worth the Risk?). People who use steroids probably wouldn’t use them if they just knew some of the side effects. I don’t think using steroids are worth the side effects. Women who use steroids may experience the masculinizing effects of testosterone, including a deepened voice; shrunken breasts; excessive body hair; and enlarged clitoris; and male-pattern baldness (Drugs 2004: Steroids: Is Bulking Up Worth the Risk?). Basically if women use steroids, they are turning into a man, if I was a female I would never use steroids because of the side effects. Steroids mostly do the same thing to men that they do to females make their body parts what makes them male or female pretty much disappear. Would you want to take something that would destroy your