Steve Jobs Essay

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Steve Jobs
Cofounder of apple

Steve jobs was born on February 24, 1955
He was born in San Francisco, California his

birth parents gave him up for adoption

Opportunities as a kid
Steve jobs grew up in an neighborhood of

engineers working on electronics and other gizmos. At age 18 he went to Reed college for a semester then dropped out
At age 13 he met 18 year old Stephen
On April 1st, 1976 he and Wozniak created apple computers
Job had a job with Atari (moisescot)

Social, cultural and ethnic background
Jobs was a prankster in elementary school
Jobs was so intelligent and tested so well

administrators wanted to skip him to high school He was born an Arab American
As a child he was Lutheran but after a trip to
India for enlightenment he became a Zen
Steve was given up for adoption he grew up in the silicon valley of California (A&E television network) Background influences
Growing up in the silicon valley he was

surrounded by electronics
Jobs had friends who influenced him
Him and his father would sit in the garage and take apart electronics
He had a job designing video games for Atari

Why do we know Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs was cofounder of apple computers
This product grew to be one of the most well

known electronic companies
His work helped create the new age of electronic devices
He created the iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Apple was an icon of American business.

Somewhere along the way jobs vision got clouded, some say by his ego, he was