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Roadmap for change:

I chose the Roadmap for change because it speaks about what the army is going through today, this change model process offers a roadmap without dictating the roads to take by helping leaders reach their future state(Ackerman Anderson& Anderson, 2010, pp 22-23) The army is in debt, we have spent more than 150 billion dollars on two different wars for the past 13 years. The different branches of services have found different ways to cut cost, but their decisions come with a heavy price for the service member to pay. Leaders often launch a plan for change without knowing exactly where they are going, even if the vision is clear. This change model I think allows the leader to have free reign in making strategic decisions. This change model allows leaders to identify problems and issues that are effecting their organizations and it makes them draw out a roadmap that will help them implement changes within their organizations. I liked the first part of the Roadmap for change: The Wake up call, leaders and stakeholders together need to identify problems strengths and weakness within their organization so that everyone is on the same sheet of music when it comes to making changes. I think that if you build a strong foundation in the beginning of this process, with the leaders and the stakeholders it will create a positive environment for change to happen. I am firm believer that if my leadership is willing to give 100 percent win or lose, I will do the same, but if my leadership is not willing to always give me or other stakeholders 100 it makes it harder