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Ashley Jenkins
Professor Dubreej
Course Project Proposal

In the eyes of a Great Inventor my mentor, Steve Jobs

I admire Steve Jobs, who was a successful enterpuenor/inventor. My journey to complete my IT degree I will focus on gaining more critical thinking skills but also have the ability to gain and achieve my dreams in the future of IT. Why would I choose Steve Jobs as a proposal for a research paper? The man who not only helped changed the face of communication, but the impact of lives he helped collectively. Steve Jobs has influence many people. He is able to guide and teach them from his perspective on many different topics. His personal philosophy is that everything begins with a great creation. He believes in listening to customers even though customers are not able to tell you about the next breakthrough. Going through this process, I have a few questions I am interested in finding out
1. What exactly am I trying to solve through Steve Jobs Journey through Apple Computers?
2. Who and what inspired Steve Jobs.
3. Why is this interesting?
4. What research will I use?
5. How will I collect and annotate the research?
6. How his death motivated me?

As of now, the only site I came across at this time was all about Steve Jobs. . There is a complete biography, his persona, quotes and sayings, interviews, pictures and short movies. This will not be my only research I come across, but with the information I have found so far is very