Steve Jobs and Life Essay

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Being positive in life, leads you to follow your dreams; never give up on what you’re doing no matter what it is, having faith in yourself, believe in your ability and that you can do it. This way leads you to score your goals, and to reach up your targets. Example on what I’m saying is Steve Jobs; the co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve was always positive in his life, he succeed although he didn’t have the good environment around him; he was adopted by non-graduated parents. They didn’t have much money to pay for him to go to college, so he dropped of college. When he began to work by himself with his friend, he got fired !! To be fired from your friend that you begin your work with and you trusted him, that really hurts, despite the shock, but he wasn’t affected, he moved on with his life and his dream. All of this circumstances around him didn’t make him weak, but everything that was negative he went through, he turned it into a good reason to move on in his life, he never gave up, he failed so many times, but he used to raise up again and again because he had faith in himself, that he can do it and can be what he is planning to be in the future. Also Tony Hsieh, Tony co-founded Link Exchange, which was sold to Microsoft in 1998, in 1999 he got involved with Zappos as an adviser and investor, and eventually he became CEO. Actually Tony is very similar to Steve, he was positive, he didn’t give up on what he wants; since he was young, he wanted to be a business man, he failed so many times, but he didn’t give up once, ever, when he failed with the warm farm, he tried again with the garage sales, when he found it’s not what he wants he tried to sell newspaper, and he was trying every single moment, he never gave up, he tried his best, and he was doing a great effort just to succeed. Although, in my opinion, despite of the similarity between Steve and Tony, but I believe there is a difference between them, I believe the circumstances of each one were different from the other, I mean Tony had all the good circumstances around him, which helped him in going on in his life, his parents have the ability to pay for him to go to college, and they were beside him courage him in every step he took, they supported him with everything they have, they give him money to