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Stevie Wonder and Overcoming Blindness Blindness takes the eyes of many people every year. Not all blindnesses are where the person can not see anything at all. In fact, only about ten to fifteen percent can’t see anything at all. However, Stevie Wonder is a famous singer/songwriter, and Stevie Wonder is one of those ten to fifteen percent that is blind (Hackett).
However, there are many types of blindnesses and visual impairments. Some of the main types include Cataracts, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration and Nystagmus. Cataracts are the clouding of the lenses which then make images seem cloudy and blurry. Cataracts are also the leading causes of blindness. Diabetes is when there is abnormalities in the retina’s blood capillaries which affect seeing images clearly (Bender 13). Diabetes are also the leading causes of eye problems in adults ages twenty to seventy four (Jaret). Macular degeneration is when the cells in the macula, the central area of the retina, stop working, leading to the central area of images to be unclear or non-existent. Nystagmus
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He had a deep, husky voice when he sang and would add a lot of electronic sounds to his music which gave his music its own sound. Since Stevie was blind, he always had someone helping him. Because of this, Stevie would say, “Everyone over 11 was my parent.” Stevie was not born with blindness although that is when many people believe. When Stevie was a baby, a doctor put too much oxygen in his incubator making him blind. Although he could have, never did he blame the doctor, because there was another girl born right after him who died (Williams 13). Despite being blind, he would participate in many charities. There are a few careers that a lot of those blind people choose. One of the most famous ones are the paralympic games. Some blind people also become singers, like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. Stevie found his inspiration in Ray