Sticking Point In Peace Talks: Recognition Of A Jewish State

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Sticking Point in Peace Talks: Recognition of a Jewish State
Summary Palestinians demand that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state. The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers it “the real key to peace”. Many people believe it has become a very important issue over the last few weeks. Critics believe a Jewish state is “a poison pill” that the Palestinians will never agree to. They continue by saying recognizing Israel as a Jewish state would “disenfranchise” its 1.6 million Arab citizens, undercut the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees and require a rewritten change of their past history. Israeli leaders disagree however, they believe that the refugee problem could be resolved and the status of Israel’s Arab minority can be protected. Many Palestinians says this offends their religion and culture, and that Israel was always meant to be a Jewish state. The majority of people in Israel are actually Jewish so Palestinians see no wrong in turning Israel into a Jewish State.

Analysis I believe that Israel should be considered a Jewish state. The majority of people living in Israel are Jewish, so the majority will be pretty happy with the change. It is also pretty bad that the religion of Palestinians is being affected. I don’t know how the Arab’s would respond to this change, but it doesn’t really seem like they would be too affected with it. I don’t think it would offend their religion in any way. I understand that