Essay on Sticks and Stones

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Time travel. It’s weird isn’t, scientists say it may take hundreds of years before it’s possible that you or I could use it. But if some brainiac come up with how to do it what would he/she do. Tell the world or keep it a secret? If so it could exist already without us knowing. So what would you do, go back and place the winning pokes numbers under your pillow or steel future technology to use in the current day. See the world be crated or the end of it, see the dinosaurs or prevent you self-form dying, But this story is about some who would simply go back to see his home one more time to where he belongs….. Or would he ?

China, it has the largest population in the world, the fastest growing economy, the most feared army and so, so much more; but most importantly home Liu Che …………….. me. My mourning is over as the teacher begins to call out the roll, ‘lily About’ a sweet yet tired voice Mrs Spenser calls out , fowled fair thin girl with plastic butterflies in her hair calls out a simple ‘here’, Mrs Spenser continues , ‘Tess Best’ ‘ present’ calls out a short girl with a bun and purple glasses, ‘Connor Brown’ a large hairless boy slightly out of uniform calls out ‘not ‘ear Mrzz brock ‘is arm, apparently fell out of a tree’ ‘Thank you Billy’ said Mrs Spenser. So I’ve found that when a teacher calls out a name you ether reply here or present and if your not some else says something on your behalf ; so do I say here or present ? ‘ and our new student all the way from china Liu Che’. ‘Hesent’ said a very small Chinese boy with no shoes on. ‘Sorry’ said Mrs Spenser ‘ hesent a mix between here and present ‘ said a very small Chinese boy looking like an unpeeled dragon fruit hiding in his hands while every one laughs. I zone out of what happens next but I do know that I was given several pieces of paper must get to my parents. The rest of the day is a bore; wright this add up this and so on. Then towards the end of the day a bell goes and every one dashes outside grabbing two slices of bread with a salty black past in the middle of it others apples and bananas but me I take Peking duck out of my bag and go sit on my own near where Billy and two others are while having what I think is called a weasel. I close my eyes and bit into mu lunch and suddenly I’m home, in the street stoles buying food from Mr Bou, the man who sells anything to do with the pancake like outside of Peking duck. I swallow and open my eyes and I’m back………. Here. ‘OY CHE !’ Billy screeches out ‘WHATS THAT. DOG WILLYS IS IT YOU SAY’ I didn’t understand the question until………… well I’m now ashamed to say what comes after that.

‘Liu’ said a short woman with a red apron on while nursing a small Chinese baby ‘ why are you so late. You know its pork tonight. ‘Sorry mama I got lost’. ‘how was your first day my boy’ said a slim brown man with a very proper suit on, ‘good, my teacher is nice and she told me to give you this to sign his’, as I handed him the note he didn’t comment on the fact that he hates female teachers, ‘this note is for a field trip. Apparently your class has been studying geography; and its dew on the 20th………….. tomorrow’.

That piece of paper has lead me on a bus to go look at some dumb old rock four and a half hours down the road. I sat up the fount near Mrs Spenser wile Billy sat up the back with his mates causing quit a commotion while I sketched up paces back home Mr Bou, temples, padongers etc. no matter how good they were they were not real enough.

The bus pulled up and before we got out Mrs Spencer and Mr Ryan ( the other 5th grade teacher) called out the role and ever one looked at me when my name was called but I kept it to a simple ‘here’ . AS we got off Mr Ryan ( a tall, strong, bald man) explained we had to find a partner this all happened fairly quickly except that Billy’s mates partnered each other and I was also partnerless Mrs Spencer court on fairly…