Essay On Sticks And Stones

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Sticks and Stones.
First we must ask : ‘what is it that our current policy for free speech entails’, and how does this affect that the banter that it then brings about; and is this ‘good’, productive and constructive banter. The outlying fact is that art from the fact that free speech in itself a great concept, it can be misused and used for insulting, bullying, and ‘trolling’. Free speech in itself is a great concept as it brings with it many prodigious virtues, such as knowledge of people’s opinions. These opinions can be the crucial step for changing an aspect of industry, country or establishment. It can free countries of their oppressors. For instance look at North Korea and South Korea, South Korea has the right of freedom implemented, whereas N. Korea doesn’t, and look at the difference between the two countries. South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, whereas in North Koreas there is mass hunger and people get killed or tortured/ maimed for speaking out. On the other hand free speech brings with it mass bullying and insults (even stereotypes)> Can you go up to a police officer and start verbally abusing him (using your right to free speech), NO you can’t; and why is this, well it is because people have decided that it is wrong even though that technically it would be just an exercise of free