Essay about Stigmas of Bipolar Disorder

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Stigmas of Bipolar Disorder
Brittany A Macias
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Summary of paper should be the last part that u write do not indent will include any back ground(briefly) methodology data results discussions and conclusions Key Words: Bipolar, Stigmatisim
Stigmas of Bipolar Disorder
People who have bipolar disorder often experience stigma from different people. A stigma is labels that people give others that have characteristics or stereotypes to label people as an outsider (Stigma experiences is bipolar patients).Many people have misunderstandings about bipolar disorders. Sometimes those misunderstandings can affect a person with bipolar disorder family members (Family Caregiving). Because of peoples misunderstanding of bipolar disorder, people with bipolar disorder have a disadvantage of many chances to get a good job and buy a house. Stereotypes about bipolar disorder sometimes prevents others from wanting to hang out around them. Sometimes people with bipolar disorder will refrain from reaching out for help with their bipolar disorder because they want to keep from being characterized with the stereotypes that other people may have about bipolar disorder (Family Caregiving).

Stigma about a person who has bipolar disorder does not just effect the person them self’s but also their family. Family members also experience stigmas because of their association with a person who has bipolar disorder. Family members of people with bipolar disorder often keep to themselves, avoid others, and feel blamed by everyone (Family Caregiving). Family members of somebody with bipolar disorder struggle with relationships, stress, and other things ( Family Caregiving).
Stigmas are not the same in every country or culture. For example, in an Islamic culture they believe that if a person has an mental illness it is because it is Gods will (Family
Caregiving). Because of the beliefs that Islamic culture has