Still Me Inside Short Story

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Beneficial Masking Weston Stephens Have you ever pretended to be somebody that you’re not? Or disguise who you are because you are nervous and scared to think about all the people that will despise you? Not being alone is a not a bad thing. People have been hiding their true identity for thousands of years. From people dressing up for halloween, people hiding their true selves for beneficial reasons, all the way to religious practices, people suppressing their true identity, masking physically and emotionally has been around for a long time. Masking one’s self can be done by hiding a person's persona. Masking one’s self can be beneficial at times.

Putting on a mask for your own beneficial reasons can be helpful at times. Alice Bradley
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In the story Still Me Inside by Mia Goda a girl named Mia attempts a new look for herself by dying her hair and getting her lip pierced. Mia was always the quiet Asian girl who got good grades, and was never uptight with any adults. When the day came that Mia walked into school with her knew “punk” look, the atmosphere changed for her. In the story it states, “ I had stares and glares.” She also received a certain tone from the principal when she showed up late for school one day. The principal said, “ Don’t make a habit of it.” It says in the paper that if Mia was still the little quiet Asian girl with no different look, the principal just would've said “Okay.” This shows that people have different perspectives on people on how they appear. Certain stereotypes have adapted traits on what people have. For example in the story people will assume Mia is forgetting about her place. People may think that Mia will start making bad decisions if she goes punk. But Mia was still the same little quiet Asian girl on the inside. Another example is the My Daddy’s a Liar clip. In this clip it shows a little Asian girl writing a letter to her dad. As her dad is reading the letter, it says that her dad is the best dad ever, he’s a superhero. But then it gets to a line that says “But her lies.” The dad gets a sudden faint in his smile. What the little girl doesn’t know is that the dad works multiple jobs to support her daughter with her needs. He sacrifices his food so the little girl can eat. This shows sacrifice and courage to make his life tiring, to make her life easier. Most people will state that you shouldn't change if you think you will be judged. Or that sacrifices don’t need to be made to inflame your life. But how would change have come if someone didn’t have the courage to do it? Where would we be