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Stillbirth Causes
Factors Linked to Late Pregnancy Loss * placental abruption
Giving birth to a stillborn baby is every pregnant woman's worst nightmare. When it does happen, it's natural to want to understand why. Unfortunately, answers are rarely to be found -- more than 70% of stillbirths are never explained. Doctors theorize that the majority of stillbirths probably have something to do with the placenta not functioning correctly, and they have some other specific theories on what causes this devastating type of pregnancy loss.
Chromosomal or Congenital Conditions
Just as chromosomal abnormalities cause the majority of miscarriages, certain chromosomal and congenital conditions can increase the risk that a baby will be
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What Happens When Doctors Discover That a Baby Has No Heartbeat?:
If a baby is found to have no heartbeat during a prenatal checkup, the doctor may send the mom for a medical induction of labor. In some cases, the doctor may perform a C-section.
Should Parents Opt to Hold Their Stillborn Baby?:
The answer is different for everyone: Some parents find that holding the baby is essential for the coping process, while others do not want to see the baby at all. The research is mixed on whether holding the baby is therapeutic (some research suggests that holding the baby may possibly increase risk of clinical depression), but the decision should be made by the parents.
The hardest part is that couples may not know their preferences until it's too late. Some parents who do not hold their babies end up regretting it later.
What Should Parents Know About Hospital Procedures?:
Parents usually have the option of taking photos and keeping a lock of hair. In stillbirths, as opposed to miscarriages, there is also the option of holding a formal funeral and/or cremation, and parents should inquire about hospital policies in that area. In some cases, parents also need to decide whether to have an autopsy done on the baby to determine the reason for the stillbirth.
How Can Parents Cope with Having a Stillborn Baby?:
If you have suffered a stillbirth, you already know that coping is easier said than done. You may be facing feelings of