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Stimphil 1
Vanessa Stimphil
Professor Richardson, Simeon, A.
English 1101
6 February 2015
Suppose you were in a burning house fire and the ceiling was caving in while you’re slowly going unconscious do to the smoke in your lungs, how would you save yourself? Like for an example Bob and his wife Lisa was in labor and there is no shape of transportation around to reach the hospital in time before the baby had arrived. Or like Sammy was in the middle of a one way, narrow road with no lights, dark out, and nothing but trees dancing in the cold winter breeze at night with a blown out engine and two flat tires. If you were in their situation how you would respond to it? How would you call for help? Who would you run too? I strongly believe people should have cell phones for various reasons like emergencies, or keeping in contact with long lost relatives.
A reason people should have cell phone would be because it builds a healthy communication between the two person on both end of the phone. Sometimes long distance would be another reason why people lose communication. Like for an example my cousin that I grew up with since 96’ended up moving to Haiti. Where there was no type of signal to contact her, so we grew apart. We had no attention of losing connection, but do to the fact that she didn’t have a phone that’s what happened. But as soon as she moved back to America and we were unbreakable ever since then.
Another reason why people should have cell phones is because of emergencies. On ‘’’’ It is proven that 42 percent of Germans surveyed, the cell phone plays either a “decisive” or “very important” role in their private lives. In terms of their professional lives, 35 percent of those surveyed said the cell phone was of decisive or very high importance.