Stimulus Package Essay

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The Stimulus Package of 2009 did help a lot of people in different areas, the areas

affected was unemployment benefits, social welfare, education, health and green energy.

There was jobs created and infrastructures were revised, investments was made and life

in America stabilized. Millions of Americans benefitted from the American Recovery

and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which is commonly referred to as the Stimulus Package.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 also known as the Stimulus

Package saved a lot of Americans by creating jobs. Take the auto industry for example,

the stimulus package bailed them out and that not only saved them from bankruptcy it

also created and saved jobs for the American people. Jobs were saved in that industry all

the way around including automotive suppliers and automotive dealers. The automotive

industry was in a crisis and was apart of a global financial downturn, which also affected

European and Asian automotive manufactures as well as the American automobile

manufactures. The stimulus package of 2009 actually saved, improved and help the

American people.

The investment in the infrastructure of education, health and green energy improved

because of the stimulus package. Many Americans that was out of work went back to

school to further their education. The health industry has positive feed back because of

medicaid matching funds which caused more people being able to see a doctor, which

caused a trigger in the employment demand and more people was hired because of this.

The green energy industry is booming turbines and solar energy projects are happing

from the east coast to the west coast. Green energy is creating cleaner energy and creating

new jobs to build and maintain the source from which it comes.

The expansion of unemployment benefits and other social welfare provisions helped

America as a whole. The extension that people received on there unemployment claims

while the unemployment rate was so high helped Americans to take care of their families

while allowing them more time to find another job. The social welfare provision

expansion the financial assistance of the needy with care of destitute adults, treatment

of mentally ill and rehabilitation of criminal. It also helped with the organization of

educational, cultural and medical industry by making changes that allowed for growth in

such areas.

The stimulus package helped America in a lot of ways if