Stirring Situations in The Most Dangerous Game Essay

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Stirring Situations in "The Most Dangerous Game"
I. In the story, "The Most Dangerous Game," the author, Richard Connell, uses conflict to question Rainsford's character and principles and makes Rainsford use his skills and knowledge to overcome many conflicts such as Rainsford vs. Zaroff, Rainsford vs. the island, and Rainsford vs. himself.
II. A) In the story, during Rainsford's interesting conversation with General Zaroff, Rainsford discovers Zaroff's secret about the island. He found out that Zaroff hunts innocent people. Rainsford doesn't like General Zaroff's idea of hunting, and so he turns against him.
B) Rainsford doesn't approve of hunting people for fun. Therefore, Rainsford wants to leave the myterious and dark island. Therefore, he decides to leave, " 'I wish to go today,' said Rainsford. He saw the dead black eyes of the general on him, studying him. General Zaroff's face suddenly brightened" (Connell 30).
C) In this quote, Rainsford detected that Zaroff was acting odd and felt like he was hiding something. Rainsford found out that he was hunting innocent people. Rainsford didn't like Zaroff's way of hunting and a conflict between them arises. This quote shows the intensity of Rainsford and Zaroff's conflict. Although, the readers know that Rainsford is characterized as a person who chooses not to harm other humans. In this story, his personality is tested because Rainsford is playing the most dangerous game against Zaroff. Rainsford will have to survive for 3 days without Zaroff finding him. The reader may be predicting what Rainsford is thinking to do survive and beat Zaroff. The battle between them will build up and will test Rainsford's character.
D) Rainsford and Zaroff's conflict with each other go on throughout the story, though, Connell gives Rainsford more complication and trouble.
III. A.) Rainsford doesn't only need to worry about Zaroff, but he also has to worry about the whole island. Rainsford doesn't know the island at all. He is like a lost puppy, scared and confused in an unknown place. Rainsford is going to have to use all his skills and knowledge to survive and beat Zaroff on the island.
B) Before the hunt started, Zaroff gave him tools to use and tips about the island, "I suggest you wear moccasins; they leave a poorer trail. I suggest too that you avoid the big swamp in the southeast corner of the island... There's quicksand there... You can imagine my feelings, Mr. Rainsford. I love Lazarus; he was the finest hound in my pack." (Connell 31).
C) Connell uses Zaroff to describe some of what the island holds. The quciksand already gives readers an idea of how dangerous the island can be for Rainsford. He will also have to be careful with his trail. In this island, it is easy to leave a pathway to death for Rainsford. In addition, Zaroff releases hounds into the dark island. Rainsford is not only being hunted by Zaroff, but also the hounds in the shadows of the island. The island gives more trouble and setbacks for Rainsford. That gives Rainsford a conflict between himself and the island. Rainsford will have to use his skills, dexterity, and knowledge to overcome the challenges that the island offers.
D) The island will make Rainsford struggle and make it harder for him to beat Zaroff and get out of the island, although, Zaroff and the island is not his only problems. Rainsford may have a problem with himself.