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At least 15 tourists were injured, four of them seriously, after their bus overturned in an area near the ruins of Pisac, a tourist spot in Peru road.
Police said on Sunday The Associated Press that the accident occurred on Saturday in the cart that leads to the ruins of Pisac, about 30 kilometers from Cusco. The police report presumed that the shuttle driver was distracted and turned to make a sharp turn, losing control of the vehicle.
In the bus there were about 19 people, including the driver and tour guide. At the moment there is no record of the nationality of all the tourists, but reported that four of them are seriously injured.
In clinical Peruano Suiza The Associated Press reported that four of the wounded asked his high voluntarily having no serious injury. Three of them are American and one is a Hindu.
Writers of Spain, Mexico, Chile, Cuba and Peru, along with Bolivia, will present their works, will speak at conferences on literature and creative workshops given at the XX International Book Fair in La Paz, which begins Wednesday.
The Spanish Javier Moro, winner of the Planeta Prize 2011 with the novel "The Empire is you", will visit Bolivia for the first time and will present this Saturday 8th his "Under the Skin", published by Seix Barral.
The play tells a vivid adventure in 1803 by two doctors, a nurse and 22 Spanish children who moved from La Coruna to Latin smallpox vaccine, which the author considers the greatest health achievement in history.
The Iberian also give the writer Martin Luisgé Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 creative writing workshop focused on building character, organized by the Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz, according to the program of literary quotes.
The winner of the International Comic Fair in Barcelona this year, the Spanish Santiago Garcia will participate Friday in a panel on "Challenges of contemporary narrative" and give a workshop comic script for the next 15 and 16.
The fair will feature the Mexican Alberto Chimal, which will also visit Bolivia for the first time on Thursday and will speak about his work in a