Stock Market and Immediate Cost Essay

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This is my first time assigning this homework. I have filled in the blanks to tell my story in its context. I hope it makes sense to you. Give it your best shot. Talk it over with your classmates. Ask me questions, and I will reply, as soon as I can.
The basic idea of this homework #1 is to give you a chance to place (a) the “RewardandRisk” of your choosing into (b) a standard context or template. a. What is “the ‘RewardandRisk’ of your choosing”? You are enrolled in the course, Managing Financial Risk. We hope that most of you have already identified some sort of activity that one might undertake for its Reward, but that requires one to also take on associated, unavoidable Risk. If you have identified such an activity, e.g., investing in a portfolio that will support you during retirement, then you have identified the “RewardandRisk” of part (a). If you have not identified such an activity, then you will need to identify one. That is, you need to identify something that someone does for personal benefit (“Reward”), but results in expose to Risk. b. What is the context, or template? It appears in the Excel workbook, “Homework130605.xlsx”.
Someone (column B) wants something (column C), and does something (column D) to achieve the goal.
This action has an immediate cost (columns E and F).
Standing in actual or potential opposition to the protagonist is the antagonist (column H) that produces an “event” (described in columns I, J, K, and L. c. Ignore the third page of the spreadsheet, which you’ll…