Best Buy And Micron Technologies

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The Stock Market is a very dangerous thing. On one hand, it makes a majority of the money for the World, but on the other side, it can lead to a crash that can destroy the World’s economy. So when I choose Best buy and Micron Technologies, I choose them to follow the former and not the latter. I chose Best Buy and Micron technologies because there was little cause for concern in their history, They Are doing well at the present, And have positive outlook for the future. The past of Best Buy has had it’s ups and downs. Minnesota-based Best Buy Co., Inc. is the leading consumer electronics retailer in the United States. In early 2004, the company's flagship Best Buy chain included more than 600 stores in 48 states as well as 19 more in Canada. In addition to personal computers, computer peripheral equipment, and consumer video and audio products, Best Buy outlets, offer large and small appliances, ranging from refrigerators to coffeemakers, and entertainment software, including compact discs, video games, DVD and VHS movies, and computer software. In the early 2000s, Best Buy acquired two other chains: Seattle-based Magnolia Audio Video and Burnaby, British Columbia-based Future Shop. By early 2004, Magnolia Audio Video operated 19 stores in Washington, Oregon, and California offering high-end consumer electronics and providing expert design and installation services. Future Shop, operating more than 100 stores throughout Canada, is that nation's largest electronics retailer, offering a wide selection of digital products, televisions, computers, music, and appliances. The average Future Shop outlet occupies approximately 21,000 square feet of retail space. Each of the company's business units also runs an electronic shopping web site on the Internet. Overall, Best Buy's revenue mix has consumer electronics generating 37 percent of the total revenues; home office products, 35 percent; entertainment software, 22 percent; and appliances, 6 percent. Over the years, it has risen and fell like most companies. In the last year, it was starting to fall steadily, and most people thought it was gonna be snuffed out like circuit city. But in the last 3 month, its stocks have rose over 70 percent. That is amazing. As for Micron Technologies, it has been pretty steady. Micron is a holding company for subsidiaries engaged in the design