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Ford Motor Company (F):
A) Ford Motor Company (F) is a producer of cars and trucks. The Company and its subsidiaries also engage in other businesses, including financing vehicles. The Company operates in two sectors: Automotive and Financial Services. Its Automotive Sector includes Ford North America, Ford South America, Ford Europe and Ford Asia Pacific Africa. Financial Services includes Ford Motor Credit Company and Other Financial Services. Ford North America includes the sale of Ford- and Lincoln-brand vehicles and related service parts in North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico), together with the associated costs to develop, manufacture, distribute and service these vehicles and parts. Ford Motor Credit Company includes vehicle-related financing, leasing, and insurance. Other Financial Services Includes a variety of businesses including holding companies and real estate.
B) The Ford Motor Company common stocks seems to be floating a bit under but on the average with other companies in its field and are averaging above 10% to 24% estimated earnings in the past year.
C) Ford is the second-largest U.S.-based automaker and the fifth-largest in the world based on 2010 vehicle sales. At the end of 2010, Ford was the fifth largest automaker in Europe. Ford is the eighth-ranked overall American-based company in the 2010 Fortune 500 list, based on global revenues in 2009 of $118.3 billion. In 2008, Ford produced 5.532 million automobiles and employed about 213,000 employees at around 90 plants and facilities worldwide.
D) Ford Motor Company (F) reported a 2% hike in total sales, from a year ago, to 218,058 vehicles in Dec 2013. The company has generated year-over-year growth in sales in every month since Nov 2012. Retail sales rose 3% year over year. In 2010, Ford earned a net profit of $6.6 billion and reduced its debt from $33.6 billion to $14.5 billion lowering interest payments by $1 billion following its 2009 net profit of $2.7 billion. In the U.S.
E) Professional analyses are stating that at the current month it would not be a good idea to buy due to the dramatic drop in sales. But in the past three months would have been an ideal time to purchase stock from Ford Motor Company.
F) Ford Motor Company’s stock is selling for 16.40 as of 1/14/2014 at 3:30 pm central time. It opened at 16.31 this morning. From the opening to the present price it seems to be rising throughout the day.
G) Looking at the chart of the Ford Motor company I do not think it looks volatile at all. Within the last 4 months of 2013 (Sept-Dec) there were two significant drops; one at the beginning of September and one serious drop at the end of December. Other than those two significant drops it seems to stay pretty average with now drops that are volatile.

Harley-Davidson (hog)
A) Harley-Davidson, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells motorcycles. The Company's products include heavyweight touring, custom, and performance motorcycles, as well as a line of motorcycle parts, accessories, and general merchandise. Harley-Davidson also provides motorcycle floor planning and parts and accessories financing to its North American and European dealers.
B) Harley-Davidson stocks seem to be doing fairly good and keeping an average of 67.1900 on the low end up to 70.0000. From looking at Ford Motor Company and Harley-Davidson it seems that Harley is doing better.
C) Harley-Davidson attracts a loyal brand community, with licensing of the Harley-Davidson logo accounting for almost 5% of the company's net revenue ($41 million in 2004). Harley-Davidson supplies many American police forces with their motorcycle fleets. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle has long been associated with the sub-cultures of the biker, motorcycle clubs, and Outlaw motorcycle clubs, or one per centers.
D) The world's largest manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles reported net income of $271.7 million, or $1.21 per share; up nearly 10% from…