Essay Stoichiometry and Copper

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Title: The Reaction between Iron Power & Copper (II) Sulfate which Produces Iron (II) Sulfate & Copper Metal when Placed on a Hot Plate Mixed with Distilled Water. – Lab #4

Purpose/Problem: To determine the percent yield of copper using the theoretical yield and the actual yield from the experiment.

Hypothesis: If this experiment is conducted correctly then it will be easy to be able to produce the correct actual yield and be able to figure out the percent yield.

• Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate, & CuSo₄ •5H₂O,12.5g
• Graduated Cylinder, 50 or 100mL
• Iron Powder, FE, 2.24 g
• Stirring Rod
• Distilled Water, approximately 100 mL
• Heating Apparatus
• Electronic Balance
• Weighing Paper
• Beaker, 100 mL
• Plastic Spoon
• 125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask
• Filter Paper

1. Gather all the materials.
2. Measure out 50 mL of water and pour it in beaker.
3. Use hot plate to heat the beaker water to 50°C.
4. Obtain 12.50 g of copper (II) sulfate and record the mass in a data table.
5. Add copper (II) sulfate and heat for 5-10 minutes/until the crystals have dissolved. Stir solution with stirring rod.
6. Stop heating when all crystals have dissolved.
7. Obtain 2.24g of iron powder and record the mass in data table.
8. While stirring, add the iron powder to the hot copper (II) sulfate solution. Allow solution to sit for 10 minutes.
9. Stir solution occasionally and record any observations.
10. After the 10 minutes, filter the copper product and collect the liquid in a flask.
11. Clean all the used materials and throw away any unwanted trash.
12. Then lastly, place the copper product in the designated place to dry.

Mass of Copper (II) Sulfate 12.50 g
Mas of Iron powder 2.24 g
Mass of filter paper .4 g
Mass of Filter paper and Copper 3.3 g
Mass of Copper Recovered 2.9g
Observations of Fe + CuSO₄ Copper (II) Sulfate turns from blue to green. Copper metal begins to form on the bottom.

Independent Variable: Heat from the hot plate
Dependent Variable: Iron powder & Copper (II) Sulfate
Controlled Variable: Distilled water

The mass of Copper (II) Sulfate was 12.50g and the mass of iron powder 2.24 g. The mass of filter