Stomach and Mouth Secure Essay

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Elizabeth was 22cm long from tail to snout, making it 115 days old, It was a female pig. The umbilical cord was still on Elizabeth, it was a tube connected to Elizabeth. The mouth of Elizabeth had sharp teeth which were hard pointy and as long as about 0.2cm in length. There was also a tongue in its mouth which was a stiff muscle. It was a very big tongue and took up most of the room in the mouth. It was 5cm by 1.5 cm. The epiglottis was a stiff but flimsy thing at the back of the mouth. It decided if the air would go down the trachea, or if food would go down the esophagus. It was about 0.4cm in length. There was a hard plate at the top of the mouth. It was very hard and defiantly kept the mouth secure.
The liver was the largest organ in the abdominal cavity. The appearance of it was a dark brown color. It reminded us of a dark chocolate orange when we saw it. It was squishy when we felt it and rested at the top of the abdominal. It weighed 9.12g. The esophagus was along tube that went from the mouth down to the stomach. It was a lot larger than the trachea. The stomach had a valve on the left side and it felt like a really thin balloon. There was also some brown stuff inside of the stomach. This weighed 2.3g.Then there is the pancreas. The pancreas we thought resembles a leech. It was thin and small like a leech. This weighed 0.55g, quite small and light. The small intestine was very thick and was 51cm in length, weighing 3.98g. The large intestine was longer and even…