Stomach Shrinking Script 1 Essay

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Stomach Shrinking Script

[After Induction]

Now, taking this time to allow these feelings to become settled in. These feelings of comfort, peace and profound relaxation now just settling in deeply. And while enjoying this deep level of comfort and this deep level of peaceful relaxation, allow your mind now to drift, taking you to the place inside and out that is specially tailored to your comfort and the perfect level of comfort for your unconscious mind.

And no matter where this place is, your mind can take you to a place that you found that you are able to enjoy. This place can be rich with warm memories and all the comforting and positive emotions that come with these thoughts. Or, your mind can simply create a place that you know will bring you absolute peace and inner comfort.

And while your mind allows these details to become your reality, you begin to notice every detail of this peaceful and comforting place. You can notice all the colors in the perfect light to compliment your comfort. While looking at all of the visual details, you can notice the sensations you feel, sensations in the air, sensations from the clothes you are wearing or whatever you may feel touching your skin that helps you feel deeply relaxed. As you become even more absorbed in this powerful experience, you can notice the positive and powerful emotions you feel in the safety of this comfortable experience.

And become aware now, that your unconscious mind, while you are enjoying that deep and relaxing experience, your unconscious mind is listening to every word that I say. And while your unconscious mind now listens to every word, every word I say leads your more deeply and totally into your place of absolute peace, comfort and tranquility.

Now, in this state of comfort and peace you know that the sound of my voice always takes you here to this perfect level where your inner mind is receptive to all of my powerful and positive suggestions.

You are here now, because of your eating and drinking habits of the past. As your past is behind you now, you know that you can create deep inner change that will impact your future in an incredibly healthy and positive way.

In a moment, I will ask you to imagine, not now but in a moment when I ask you to imagine certain things, your mind will clearly imagine while you relax more deeply. Every sound you hear, every feeling you feel and every breath you take takes you now into a deeper more comfortable place while you imagine clearly.

Now, as you go deeper, imagine a screen or television in front of you. And as you see this screen, allow an image of your stomach on this screen. As you realize the more vivid details, you know this image of your stomach is doing something.

This image of your stomach is growing smaller and smaller. And because you already eat healthier portions, you know watching your stomach shrink is very natural and normal.

Continue now to watch it shrink until it is the ideal size. As the stomach is an amazing organ, it can be stretched to handle large amounts of volume, but because it is such an amazing organ, it can also shrink to a size that is most ideal for you and your health.

Now, imagine in one hand that you have something the size of the large stomach that you are shrinking. This should be the size of a cantaloupe or honeydew. Notice how heavy the melon is and realize that is the kind of weight and volume you were forcing into your body.

Now imagine in your other hand, a plum.