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Many archeologists and historians have tried to uncover the secrets of Stonehenge and its purpose. Some theories were a burial site for people around 3000 BC, a place of healing filled with magical healing stones, and a landmark aligned with the stars. The three main purposes of Stonehenge were to help the sick, provide a cemetery and be a landmark.

Some people have said the main purpose of Stonehenge was to provide a cemetery for the people back in 3000 BC and it was a place where people could put their cremated remains there. Archeologists have found thousands of buried bodies in and around Stonehenge.1 “Archeologists evidence found by the Stonehenge riverside project in 2008 indicates that Stonehenge served as a burial ground from its earliest beginning.” According to the historians the burials at Stonehenge started at around 3000 BC and ended 500 years after. The main types people that were buried there were people of high command like kings soldiers etc. what archeologists also found with the bodies were teeth, bones and cremation pots. This find leads to the possible technology of cremation back in 3000 BC. These teeth, bones and pots also belonged to people of high power.

The second main theory of Stonehenge is that it was used as a place of healing. Some evidence of this would be the blue stones, it is a piece of stone that is broken off by one of the rocks in Stonehenge. People believed that it had the power to heal any of their medical problems. The archeologists 2 “from Britain’s Bournemouth University, who carried out the dig in April believed the bluestones were revered as healing stones.” People believed that the stones had the power to heal their disease or injuries. Do to the prestige that these stones get they have been broken off Stonehenge for thousands of years and people still use them to this date.

Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire in England. It was made around 2500 BC- 3000 BC. It is believed that the people in 2500 BC brought the 25 ton stones 30 kilometers to the geographical place where they were