Stonewall Riots Research Paper

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A few days before the Stonewall riots I was in the Stonewall Inn having some fun and having some laughs. The police here in New York were always raiding gay bars. Being gay or lesbian in the 1960s was difficult. The FBI puts you on a list by says you are a sexual pervert or you could be arrested for just holding your partners hand.
On the night of the Riots I was in the Stonewall Inn. The stench of booze was thick in the air and the colored lights were flashing all around everyone. The bar was so loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think. Flamboyant men, masculine women, drag queen, drag kings, you name it; we were all having a great time. My partner and I were having fun with a few of our friends. Sitting at the long bar table, my friends,
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Shouting in confusion, the patrons of the bar ran out of the club into the dark of night. Although something about the atmosphere was different this warm night. Usually when I raid would happen everyone would leave but this night would different. Some of the bystanders stayed to watch what happened. Confused as to why some patrons would stay, I stood off to the side of the club so I could watch what happened as well. The police ordered us to disperse and none of us did. Employees of the club were dragged out of the building and loaded into the police van. When saw a few drag queens and a lesbian being dragged out of the club in hand cuffs, all hell broke loose. Some of the other bystanders started throwing bottles at the police. Suddenly the crowd grew very hectic. There was shouting and chanting. The crowd began to chant “Gay power” as bottles were flying through the air. As the riot continued the crowd grew larger and larger. The police retreated into the Inn and ended up barricading themselves in the club. Soon reinforcements came for the officers and broke the riot up. Although, in spite of the riot, the police acquired what they wanted: the Stonewall Inn destroyed. The building had gone up in flames during the