Stop Bullying In School

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Schools need to do something about people bullying others; there is no reason not to stop the person who does the act to someone that is consider weaker in either physical or mental status. For years now the nation has tried and tried again to stop bullying in schools. Now it’s the schools turn to step up to the plate and make the change. In my old school I have seen teachers just stand by while someone else gets beat up or talked down to for being different in style, height, skin color, being ‘too smart’ or ‘not smart enough’; but I have also seen those who tried to stop the deed from happening for which I admire them for greatly.
Bullying needs to stop I don’t know how long it will take or even if it might happen in my lifetime, but seeing people not being able to come to school because they are afraid is outrageous on so many standards. Students shouldn’t come to school in fear that someone else is going to do that same action that happen the day before, they should come to school excited, joyful, and ready to take the day in full stride not worrying about what someone else might do.
Bullying has caused much sorrow in families as well, the students who are the victims of such a hateful act, are more ‘anti-social’ and more anxious; some can’t even talk on the phone in fear of what the other might think or might say. Students have become more and more depressed over the years from others pushing them down and making them think less of themselves. Some cases are so extreme that the person thought there was no other way then to commit suicide, thinking that it was the only option to end the suffering and pain. For someone to push another to that extent and ultimately tear a family apart because of it; it’s shocking.
I have seen bullying on both sides; yes, I was once a bully back when I was in elementary, but I didn’t know what I was doing I was naïve then; I saw others doing it so in turn, I did it as well. I didn’t notice what it was doing to the person in question. Till one day I saw them crying; I didn’t know why, so I went to see what was wrong. At first they thought I was just making fun of them but when I showed them I truly meant well they told me it was because of bullying. That was the exact moment; I realized that what I was doing was wrong, that it was hurting people. On that day I changed into something that would and that was better, that moment was like a breath of fresh air in spring.
That same day I became someone to stand up for those who couldn’t, and be support for those that had no one to turn too. But for me to stand up and help those who needed it and to stop the bullying from happening, I had to become something the ‘bullies’ didn’t want to mess with. I became something like a bodyguard to the ‘misfits’ of the school; some might think “So you bullied the bullies”, no I did not I just stop the act from happening before it did; no name calling, no belittling, and no violence. I simply told them to back off. In which most did but some did not so instead of the others getting bullied, I got bullied in their stead for sticking up for them.
I didn’t care what they said about me, though yes some things they said hurt and stuck with me even to this day; but they weren’t messing with the people that were bullied every