Stop Sexual Herassment Essay

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Sexual Harassment All Over

DeVry University
Professor: Vannessa Moses
Employment Law HRM – 320
June 11, 2014

Sexual Harassment All Over
When we wake up in the morning we plan or day as we see fit. We have to us public transportation to get around. You head to work where you love to work, but this day is not going to be the same. You hear talk around the water cooler about your co-worker and you know what is being said is not true. With a flirting bus driver, boss, and co-worker this day is not going to end very good for her.
By the same token, you have to travel on public transportation you should feel that you are safe from others on the walk way. In reality some public transportation people can give you sexual harassment also. For example, you get on a bus and the drive is the same driver that you have been getting for past 2 years. This day we don’t know why but the bus driver comes out and says “you are sure fine in that dress”. At first you don’t think anything of it but when you are getting off the bus he says it again and now it makes you feel very uncomfortable. (Black, 2014)
1. Street harassment Unwelcome words and actions by unknown persons in public places which are motivated by gender and invade a person’s physical and emotional space in a disrespectful, creepy, startling, scary, or insulting way.

Equally important, we all like our jobs and we want to keep them, but there are some things at work that don’t appear right. You see that one of your co-workers is getting harassed by her boss and you can clearly see that she is very uncomfortable about it. So you ask her “why do you take that from him”? She tells me this is my bread and butter and I need this job. Sexual harassment in American work life is prevalent — as much as 80% in some sectors. Overall, 44% of women between ages 35 and 49 report experiencing sexual harassment at the workplace — even though almost every company has an explicit, no-tolerance policy. A national survey shows that 21% of all women report being sexually harassed at work, while a Rutgers’s University study indicates that for knowledge-based workers, the percentage is as high as 88%. The Union of University Women reports that the first time women get harassed at work is usually during a summer job. So by the time women get to Richards' age (30), they have been harassed for almost a decade. (Trunk, 2013)
Sexual Harassment is when a person does something to another person that is not wanted from that other person. For example, a lot of companies have work stations in their offices. In one of those areas there is a man Ted Johnson he works next to his co-worker Tanya Jefferson. This female looks over the wall and would say something to him that makes you feel uncomfortable like “that shirt makes you look very sexy”. This is a type of verbal sexual harassment that a lot of people don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Although this may be true the fact is sexual harassment is not letting the co-worker feel comfortable. This is called Hostile Environmental Sexual Harassment that makes people feel uncomfortable at work.
There are two types of sexual harassment first; Quid pro quo this occurs when an employee gets on the promotion track or even gets to keep his/her job is based on if the employee submitted to or rejected sexual advances or other types of inappropriate sexual comments. Second; Hostile environmental sexual harassment this means when a co-worker or supervisor in the workplace makes sexual advances or comments to an employee that, while not affecting promotions or the future of the employee's job, makes the working environment of the employee offensive and hostile. (Clarke, 2014)
In the same fashion, U.S. Army has a very strict sexual harassment policy. It consists of a 49 page report on sexual harassment; this is a very definitive and is called SHARP Sexual Harassment/Assault Program. It is a program that exists to prevent incidents