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'Stop staring,' said a voice from behind, 'it's rude to stare, so get back to work. I didn't employ her for you to stare.' He whispered.
'I need the charts in my office in 10 minutes,' she ordered.
The charts were done an hour ago, leaving me enough time for me watch her walk in to the office. She is always on time, without fail. That red pencil dress, black heels and her hair tied back. She gives me goose bumps down my spine. She walks like a supermodel, but the funny thing is, she not that tall.
I stuck a note on the chart, hoping she would read it.
'Miss Jones, here is the charts for last month'. My hands are shaking uncontrollable. 'Is there anything else you need me to do Miss Jones,' I asked.
She shook her head, 'that would be all darling'.
She called me darling, I cannot believe it. I feel like Cupid has found me love. She loves me; she wants to marry me; we going to have babies.
‘I hope she sees the note I stuck in between the charts.’ I said to Paul, who was sitting right across the desk for me.
‘You gave her a note,’ Paul reply, shocked with his eye wide open. ‘What did u write in the note?’ he asked.
‘You look very beautiful today, would you like to go on a date with me?’ I said.
The look on Paul’s face, as he placed his hand on his head, put a doubt in my mind. Maybe I shouldn’t have written that note. She going to reject me, I just know it. I’m fat with glasses and I always snort whilst laughing. Who likes that?
She walks over to me. My heart is