Essay Stopwatch and Spikes

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Sweaty, shaky hands placed upon the white bold line as she waits in her starting block. The official slowly raises his arm and the runners get into their crouching positions, looking remarkably uncomfortable. All of a sudden, everything goes quiet. Helplessly wondering, she thinks, “Am I going to become a champion or yet a disappointment to my team and fans?” The gun fires startling the anxious fans and the runners immediately take off. All of the training, sore muscles, sweat, early and late practices, have come down to this one important race. To make it to the state level requires the triple D’s; dedication, discipline, and desire. Every athlete that wants to achieve their personal goals has to be dedicated. One way of being very dedicated is getting out of bed early. For example, she squints at the clock. It’s 7:15 a.m. Every inch of her aching body wants to stay in bed, but she gets up anyway to start her day with the beautiful morning run. As she’s running, the sun begins to creep above the hillside, awakening weary sleepers. A cool breeze crackles the leaves, making them slowly fall onto the hardened earth. As she’s running across a low wooden bridge, she passes a beautiful green baseball field where she hears the sound of, “Please Stand and Remove Your Hats for the Playing of Our National Anthem,” blare over the loudspeakers. She suddenly gets butterflies in her stomach just thinking about the intimidating track season and all of the nerve-racking races she has to compete in. An athlete also has to be self- disciplined. Her and her friends go out to dinner at The Forum. She’s looking through the menu and suddenly something catches her eye that she craves. It’s the six golden deep fried pickles with curly fries and a choice of whatever milkshake you desire. Her mouth begins to water just picturing this delicious meal in front of her, but instead of getting this greasy, fattening food, she gets the chicken fettuccini pasta. It consists of an outstanding sauce, tender chicken, bright green, yellow, and red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and white sliced provolone…