An Analysis Of Storm Inc.

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Storm Inc., established in 1914, is a 100-year-old car company. The four founders set up the company in a stormy afternoon, so they gave the name “storm” to their company. “Storm” has 3 meanings. Firstly, a storm is usually very drastic, symbolizing the company would grow up successfully and becomes very powerful in the future. Secondly, storm also stands for difficulties and after a storm, rainbow, which represents niceness, can often be seen. This implies, in another word, the 4 founders wished that no matter facing what kind of problems, the company would always overcome them safely and finally succeeded. Thirdly, storms are capricious. This means that the company is always being creative, dynamic and adjustable to get adapted to the changeable market. Regarding these three meaning as the company’s core competitiveness, STORM not only survives in the globalized market, but also owes a big market share in car field and gains lots of customer loyalty. Now, using STORM’s products is already becoming a kind of identity symbol for some groups of people, distinguishing them from the others.

STORM focuses on upscale market, with high technology, high quality, high consumption experience as its brand personality. After succeeding a wide range of different types of cars in global market, in its 100th year, STORM INC. plans to publish a totally new concept electric car named “SD”. SD is the abbreviation of “Sun Desire”, which means that, on the one hand, this is a stylish and sunny car especially suitable for the market of young people; on the other hand, this is an eco-friendly electric car and the battery could be charged by solar power.

SD is a fashion designed high technology electric car in saloon model and has several characteristics. Firstly, although the most efficient way to charge its battery is to go to the charging station, it could also be charged directly by solar power, which extends the battery life. The full battery can support to drive of more than 400km in a rainy or cloudy day; while in a sunny day, the distance could be more than 500km. Secondly, SD is a highly customized car. Customized parts include but not limit to color, transmission, wheels, media player, etc. Thirdly, the engine is even more powerful than those normal fuel cars. It takes only 4.7s to speed up from 0 to 100km/h.

To celebrate STORM’s 100-year birth, there are 2 very valuable preferential policies. First of all, 1 year free comprehensive car insurance will be offered. Secondly, 3 years free motor maintenance will also be provided.
STORM INC. is a British multi-national car corporation headquartered in London. Since established in 1914, it has expanded as one of the biggest car manufacturer and seller, designing, producing and selling cars and their accessories. At the end of 2013, STORM owns 506 stores and 66 factories in 73 countries, having more than 100,000 permanent full-time