Story: American Films and Mrs Allison Essay

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CRASH! The three adventurous boys had surprisingly hit the ball over the tall wooden fence. Tyler shouted, “Why did you do that for? Go and get the ball now”, making Adam feel guilty of his mistake. Adam replied, “Ok then. I’ll go get…”, interupted rudely by mum, “Come on boys. Its time for tea. Lets give footy a break, ok.” Mark and Tyler rushed inside, eager to munch on the snacks Adams mum prepared for them. Adam hesitantly went to fetch the ball.

As Adam jumped over the fence, a twitch in the ear made him fall straight onto the rustling leaves. When he turned to look at his minor injury he realized he had grazed his arm when he jumped over. Being brave enough to approach a mysterious looking house, He did not realize he was in a graveyard. He then walked towards the house curiously and then spotted a stone which was ingraved with these following words, “If you dare come in, you will never come out!”. But when Adam tried to run away, he could not escape.

When Adam approached towards the door, which was covered in green weeds; he identified a hole in the window making him think that his ball went inside the haunted house. He then silently strolled inside the pitch-black hallway where there were frames of old people and cobwebs everywhere. He spotted a pair of odd looking glasses far away in the distance. He ran towards them a picked them up. He wore them and he could see ghosts surrounded around him. Adam shrieked and ran into a room with shattered glass. He then finally