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Story Arc
Davidson is deployed into Helmland Province with 3rd Infantry Royal Battalion on December 2nd.
First patrol is in a market square where two members of the squad are killed by an IED and this alerts Davidson to the unseen threat faced by many soldiers fighting in Afghanistan/Iraq.
Faces trouble from Olivers, a fellow Corporal who asserts dominance over the rest of the squad. Olivers threatens to waterboard Davidson and places a flannel over his mouth in the bunk. A fight ensues and Davidson is cut above the eye, whilst Olivers loses a few teeth.
Davidson, Grenault and Teague are sent on a recon mission with 27th Royal Parachute Regiment, though Grenault is shot in the leg and discharged from active service
My Chapter – Davidson suffers more teasing at the hands of Olivers, and is also sent into the Locker Room for the first time. Here he is forced to interrogate a leading member of a local insurgence group; however the man dies a brutal death at the hands of Schiffen, another corporal, by accident. Traumatic experience for the men.
Final operation before end of tour, April. Teague gets shot in the jaw by a disguised enemy, and loses his ability to form new memories. As Davidson’s friend, this troubles him, and as he leaves he wonders if he will ever return again.
Chapter Arc
Davidson has returned from the recon mission with Teague and throws himself on the bed where they each discuss their reasons for coming to fight and talk about Grenaults wound. See 300 word assessment.
Olivers enters and begins teasing Davidson for being a ‘queer’ and a ‘fag’, although Davidson is heterosexual.
Enraged, Davidson leaves the…