Essay on story beginning with 'the day began well"

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The day began well. Well to be more specific the day began excellently. I found myself amongst the noise and chaos that my family was to be for the foreseeable future. I now had a little wailing sorrowful baby brother. He was my wrinkled, squashed and scrunched-up, but i just thought he was beautiful with glistening eyes and a tiny face, so elegant and fragile I was almost scared to touch him even with the permission of my mother. He was not yet anything, he had not yet learnt to master the mobile phone or find the perfect hiding place between the books, where to hide his stash of halloween, easter and christmas confectionary. He was yet to conform to society, or learn his own beliefs. He was completely uncorrupted, stained, or hurt which could only be the direct result of life. He was still perfection and I loved him with all I had.

You see the families in the picture frames in the shops. The ideal family with the mother, the father, the son and the daughter together at the beach. In my picture there maybe no father and there may be no beach but to me we deserved to be the family sold to the world as the perfect ideal family just for the smile that now reached my tired exhausted mothers face as she looked down at Jamie. The wires attached to Jamie did not matter.

I must of stayed there for quite sometime just watching him in his little cocoon of bedding, I chose not to notice the wires attached to his little heart or the monitors beeping around him. They were irrelevant to me for he was to be fine. He was my little brother Jamie and nothing in this world that was not yet corrupted, not yet stained or hurt, nothing that was still perfection could be justly taken away from us. It was not to be so.

Persistently however the noises crescendoed until even the faint beat of the heart could not overcome it any longer. I did not even have the chance to look away before I was whisked out of the hospital room and it was filled with a substantial amount of white, blue, pink coated people