Essay about Story: Cinderella and Hans Christian Andersen

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The Little Mermaid :
In the film Ariel gets changed into a human so she can marry Eric. They marry in a wonderful wedding attended by humans and merpeople. But, in the very first version by Hans Christian Andersen, the mermaid sees the Prince marry a princess and she despairs. She is offered a knife to stab the prince to death, but rather than doing so she jumps into the sea and dies by turning to froth. Then Andersen modified the ending slightly to make it more pleasant. In his new ending, instead of dying when turned to froth, she becomes a air waiting to go to heaven.

Sleeping Beauty:
A lovely princess is put to sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle. She sleeps for one hundred years when a prince finally arrives, kisses her, and awakens her. They fall in love, marry, and they live happily ever after. But , the original tale is not so sweet. In the original, the young woman is put to sleep because of a prophecy, not a curse. And it isn’t the kiss of a prince which wakes her up: the king seeing her asleep, and rapes her. After nine months she gives birth to two children, while she is still asleep. One of the children sucks her finger which removes the piece of flax which was keeping her asleep. She wakes up to find herself raped and the mother of two kids.

The beautiful Cinderella is swept off her feet by the prince and her wicked step sisters marrying lords, with everyone living happily ever after. The fairy tales origins are back in the 1st…