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Awoken by her husband’s kiss, Jennifer opens her eyes to a new day; a day that should be the start of a new life without worries or regrets but, instead she feels the exact opposite.

“Good morning honey, I’ll see you later, I’m off to work now,” says her husband John as he grabs his briefcase and car keys.

“Have a great day honey, I just know you will.” She replies.

“Thanks, same to you.”

She laid there silently as she watched her husband leave for work. The sound of his car driving down the driveway compelled her to remember the events of last night. After several minutes she closed her eyes and whispered “It’s for the best… It’s for the best.” She dragged herself out of bed and slowly walked to the bathroom, where she stared at herself in the mirror, only it wasn’t her, it was someone she never seen before. Her hazel eyes would seem normal to any common stranger, but deep within them she saw something more; she saw fear. Her skin seemed paler than ever, and in her heart she felt nothing.

She quickly undressed herself, climbed into the shower, where she took a hot bath then began getting ready for work. She walked to her closet and pulled out a white buttoned down shirt, a black blazer, black pants and black stilettos. “Better to play it low key today” she said with a sigh. She quickly got dressed then walked to her full length mirror that was leaning against the wall. She shook her head then looked down in shame, “I’m undeserving of all of this… My job, my position, what have I done? What have I become?” Sigh...“ Just stay positive, everything will be fine” she whispers to herself. She briskly walked over to her bed while trying to clear her head but failed when she recognized the suit she wore the night before laying on the chair. Immediately, the events of last night began replaying in her head…
She was in her car following Allan Thompson, her husband’s co worker that was planning to turn her husband in to the police for stealing $50,000 from the firm that they worked. She followed him about 2 miles out of the city and caught up to him at a stop light where she asked him to pull over. About a ¼ mile down the road he pulled over and stepped out of the car, Jen did the same and they both walked side of the hill and stared at the view of river flowing below.
“What do you want Jen?” He said in a strict tone.
“I want you to leave my husband alone.” She replied.
“Why? He stole from our firm!”
“I know, but you know how tough things were for us, we were going to lose our house!”
“I’m sure he could have found some other alternative, what he did was wrong and he should be punished!”
“Are you sure that this is just about the…