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ENGWR 301/ TuTh
Reading Response In Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” Mrs. Mallard is awakened with thoughts of freedom following the news of her husband’s death. Louise battles her feelings of love for Brently and love for herself. Mrs. Mallard never doubted the love her husband has for her, but her love was not as strong. She indicates something is missing in their marriage; maybe a lack of passion, independence and enthusiasm. They are married to cope with society’s norm. “And yet she had loved him- sometimes. Often she had not.” Therefore Mrs. and Mr. Mallard are in a partnership to silence the pressure society presses on women to become a wife, mother, and homemaker. There is no doubt Mrs. Mallard wants to feel a longing for Mr. Mallard to be home safe and alive, but true love and desire is not entirely present in this marriage. During Mrs. Mallard’s reflection it is evident that she longs to be independent, no need to listen to someone of authority. No man would have power over her like she has experienced in the past. Louise can explore her true identity and strength as a woman without being bound to another human being. “There would be no powerful will bending her in that blind persistence…” It is in this moment she feel the benefit of being “Free! Body and soul free!” Near the end, Mrs. Mallard is mesmerized of how long life can be on her own. Previous wincing at the thought of “Spring days, summer days, and all sorts of days.” Now