Story of britain with Margareth Thatcher Essay

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History of Britain under Margaret Thatcher “If you take the tough decisions, people will hate you today, but they'll thank you for generations”. (Margaret Thatcher)

Her Achievement
Suppressed Trade Unions
Awards: 1991 - Presidential Medal of Freedom leader of the British Conservative Party three consecutive terms of office in two decades and became the only British woman Prime Minister in the twentieth century
Transform the Conservative Party of Britain into a national champion
Iron Lady' because of her leadership style and radical ideologies, which came to be known as 'Thatcherism'
Introduced a new wave of economic initiatives
She strode British politics with great astuteness and had the knack of making the most of opportunities, a trait which made her the most admired, yet controversial leader of the UK.
President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1946, under the influence of Freidrich von Hayek’s political works that can be seen in all her reforms and policies.

Her Legacy
In 1970: became the Privy Councilor, after being appointed as the Secretary of State for Education and Science the same year.
1975: honorary member of the Carlton Club for being at the head of the Conservative Party. first woman entitled to full membership rights of the club
1983: elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society.
1991:highest civilian honor, the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ by the U.S. President Ronald Reagan
1992: Member of the Order of Merit, conferred to her by the Queen, within two weeks of retiring from the House of Commons.
1992:on the list of ‘100 most important people of the 20th century’
1995: highest order of chivalry as the Lady Companion of the Order of the Garter
1998: honorary recipient of the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award
Her Hard work
In 1984, she implemented rules, business subsidies and regulations and new policies known as Thatcherism that gather