Story Of Keesh Character Analysis

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Surviving can be very difficult, but once a survivor has that feeling of never giving up, they will pull through. In these two texts, “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel and “The Story of Keesh” by Jack London were about survival and what the characters did to help survive. They all faced many difficult challenges and situations along the way. The characters had a lot of hope and intelligence. With their ability to have skillful thoughts and actions, they were all determined to live and both of the characters survived in these harsh conditions by their thoughtful skills and actions.

The main character in The Life of Pi, faces challenges in an extreme environment but uses skillful actions to help. The text states, “According to the
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For instance, ”Right up to the ebar Keesh walked. And the ber took after him, and Keesh ran away. But as he dropped a little round ball on the ice. And the ber stopped and smelled of it, then swallowed it up. And Keesh continued to run away and drop little round balls, and the bear continued to swallow them up” (London 72). This describes how keesh used his own knowledge and brains to hunt for meat in these harsh environments. He had a plan to trick the bear into getting sick so he can kill it and get meat for the villagers. Another example would be, ”Early next morning, however, Keesh strode into the village. But he came not shamefacedly. Across his shoulders he bore a burden of fresh killed meat. And there was importance in his step and arrogance in his speech” (London 65) This reveals how much meat he hunted and how much he was willing to get a lot of meat for the villagers. Through the harsh weather and many people doubting him, he was very determined. Lastly, another piece of evidence that helps us understand this is, “Why dost thou hunt only bear?” And Keesh made a fitting answer. “It is well known that there is more meat on the bear” (London 67). This establishes that Keesh has a skill and it goes to show how well his mind is. The more meat you have, the more the villagers and Keesh will survive. He knows his