Story: The Key and Man Essay

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Kale Jemson was traveling to Colorado to visit family, like he did every other year. While driving on a long,dusty old road with hardly any traffic going by his car breaks down. He knows he’s close to a small town but he will have to walk a little before he can find a repair shop to fix his car. So he begins to walk, it is mid - day and he knows soon it will be dark out. As the hours go on and the light gets dimmer he starts to see some buildings up ahead. He knows that he can make it to the town before it is completely dark out. He reaches the town and by now all the shops are closed except for the hotel that is open, he is glad that he can get some rest, so he heads to the hotel. The hotel isn’t the nicest of places to sleep at but he was willing to do deal with it. He walks through the front doors and rings the bell to get someone at the front desk. A man comes to the front surprised to see someone who wasn’t from the town. Kale explains that he will be needing a room for the and the man grabs him a key to room 18 on the second floor. He followed the odd man up the stairs to the second floor, the man explains to Kale no matter what don’t leave your room at 12:00 midnight. Kale didn’t mind and promise to listen to the odd man’s advice because he didn’t want to cause any trouble. Unlocking the door to room 18 and walking into a dark room filled with eeriness feeling about the room, he turns on all the lights and that feeling goes away. He goes directly for his bed, he can’t go to sleep right away, it is 11:50 almost midnight. Staying awake for a couple more minutes because he wants to know what happens at midnight every night. He starts to hear a weird noise outside his room, so not wanting to leave his room he looks through the keyhole. He sees a girl skipping down the corridor, he thinks nothing of it and goes to bed. It is the next morning, Kale wakes up, gets ready, and leaves his room to go find a mechanic. He finds a local mechanic and tells him were his car is and what he thinks is wrong with it, the mechanic tells him he will have to stay in this town another two days. He gets dissapointed that he has to stay here another two days. As night comes around again Kale is fast asleep before midnight. While Kale is sleeping, something is lurking in his room, as midnight approaches the lurking figure reaches out to Kale from the shadows. Kale is awoken from his sleep, he is not sure why he feels startled but looks around his room, only to see an odd figure standing near the doorway. He stares at it, and blinks, the figure had gone away. He thinks he’s just seeing things so he turns on his light and looks around than looks at the time, it is 11:59 at night about to turn to