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Jack Mezzadri
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Once upon a time, there was a peaceful, innocent community that lived in a kingdom called Bullshead. It was looked over by it’s leader King Peter. Although these people were innocent, the events that take place every five days are not. Up in the mountains lives an evil being by the name of Julian. Julian was created by Satan to do his evil work on Earth, therefore he possesses all the same powers as Satan. Every five days, Julian travels to the town and kills as many people as he can while they sleep before daylight arrives. One morning the King sat in his throne trying to decide how he can save his people and stop Julian once and for all. Finally, after he realized no normal human could stop Julian he decided to call to “ The Creator” for some superhuman help. He quickly rushed to his prayer room and called out to “The Creator”, “Please almighty Creator send your two greatest creations to save my kingdom from the wrath of Julian. I have no where else to turn and if he is not stopped soon then Bullshead will surely perish.” “ The Creator” heard the king’s pleas and decided to help him. “ The Creator” quickly sent for his creations, Samuel and Phillip. Samuel and Phillip were created as a last resort to help the people of Earth if they are truly unable to help themselves. Samuel was created with super strength and the ability to fly and his brother, Phillip, was created with the ability to control things with his mind and also has the power of invisibility, only his brother and “ The Creator” were able to sense Philllip’s presence when he was using invisibility.
“Samuel, Phillip come here I have an important task for you two,” exclaimed “The Creator.” Samuel and Phillip immediately ran to him,
“What is it sir?” Samuel said. “The Kingdom of Bullshead is being constantly tortured and many innocent people are being killed by that beast Julian. You two must travel to his lair up in the mountains and end this but do not kill him, I want you to bring him here where he will be banished to a different universe and never be a problem again. Only the both of you together will be able to beat him, separately you will stand no chance.” The two brothers understood their task and held hands as Samuel flew them to Julian’s lair. Once they arrived, Phillip explained, “ We must not handle this straight up, you head towards the main entrance and distract him while I go around back and hopefully take him out.” Samuel agreed and headed towards the front of the lair when he arrived, Julian spotted him right away and confronted him, “Well, look who we have here. You finally showed up to try and stop me? Where is your brother?” “He decided not to come Julian, this is just between you and me,” stated Samuel. Meanwhile while Julian distracted, Phillip was able to quietly break a hole in the mountain using his mind and sneakily walked into the lair using his invisibility. When Samuel sensed Phillip had gotten inside the lair he immediately broke off a huge piece of the mountain and chucked it at Julian. Julian, being able to time it right was able to avoid the huge piece of rock.
“ Is that all you have Samuel?” Julian mocked. “ Maybe it is Julian, but he is not alone, “ called out Phillip Julian quickly spun around to see Phillip standing there. Julian was immediately struck with amazement that the two brothers had managed to trick him, he knew he was now trapped and could not defeat them physically so he decided to try to outsmart them. He dropped to his knees and begged, “ Oh great brothers please spare me as I have not meant to wrong you, I was created with a job and I was just fulfilling my duty. Please spare my life and “ The Creator” shall spare your lives.” When he saw he was not convincing them he said, “Let me convince you by telling the story of King Gabriel and Hyde.” King Gabriel was the best king in the land, he was a good and fair ruler and all