Stouffer Ashley Unit7 Assignment Essay

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Ashley Stouffer
Who Killed B.I.G
Kaplan University

WHO WASTED B.I.G Biggie Smalls was an influential rapper until the day of March 9, 1997 when he was killed by a drive by shooting. They have many suspects and theories of why he was wasted that day, however; they are not completely sure who did this and why. He was being driven back to his hotel from a music industry party. As his car pulled up to a stoplight, someone yelled to him, he lowered his window and someone pointed a pistol at him, fired four shots into his chest and drove away.
The investigation shows that there were three vehicles in the entourage. In the car in the front was Sean Combs. Sitting in the back of B.I.G.’s Chevy were two of his
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Some cross examination questions would be where were you on the night of March 9, 1997 at this time. Were you at the same party as mister Biggie Smalls? Did you see anything unusual happening at this party between him and anyone else. Some key points for cross examination is to make them sweat trying to get the truth out of them.
OPENING AND CLOSING STATEMENTS An example of an opening statement would be in this case of Biggie Smalls I will be advising you of the evidence we have found that puts the suspects at the place and time of the shooting. They were at the party he was leaving from and they could have very well murdered Biggie Smalls. A closing statement would be Biggie Smalls a rapper just returning home from a night of partying at an industrial music party, was just minding his own business when he heard someone yelling for him. So like any person her put his window down and looked and that was when he was innocently shot four times in his chest. We don’t know what had happened earlier in the evening if he confronted this person or what but they had no reason to shoot him down a man with a long life ahead of him.

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