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All About Univita Services - Univita is dedicated to helping people live and age with independence. By providing a single place to find and manage resources which support independent living, Univita makes it easier to access care and to age safely at home. In addition, Univita is transforming home based care by integrating a full range of needs from basic assistance and caregiving through complex home medical care, all supported by the latest communication technologies.
Through Univita’s web portal, people can directly communicate with providers and caregivers, coordinate scheduling, handle payment and monitor real-time activity. And Univita provides unique, personalized assessments and decision support including financial planning.
Univita’s integrated approach to supporting independent living benefits many different groups.
We help consumers plan for the future, understand available services and resources, and make decisions about how to make the best use of them. We offer our partners—including health plans, and employers—a way to deliver enhanced value to their members, and demonstrate a strong commitment to helping people manage a crucial need. And long term care insurance companies rely on us for complete outsourcing of key services, as well as assistance in developing innovative and distinct insurance products.
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