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Straightedge have emerged in the United States since 1980. Straightedge is the name of a group for people who are not using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. As a further matter, they believe with not having sex with one person in life. Straightedge was found in song by the early 1980. In the “Straightedge Subculture, Music, and the Internet”, the author examines Straightedge developed as an offshoot of the punk rock of the early 1980's. In the “Straight Edge” by Ian MacKaye, he wrote about how he differed from other people in his scorn for recreational drug use and promiscuous sexual activity while he was the singer of the hardcore band, Minor Threat. Moreover, in another song “Out of Step” by Minor Threat, he also claimed “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t fuck”. Straightedge also know by online, many people have share and learn about straightedge through the internet. Straightedge is just a group of people who have believe in different way of life. Some people think they are bad because they are one of the street gang, but for me it depend on how they are. In fact, some of them are really good and they just want to do what they believe.
About the authentic self, after I read the article, the author said “authenticity is a claim made by or for someone, thing or performance and either accepted or rejected by relevant others”. Moreover he said” the social dimension of authenticity refers to how individual claim insider status in a social category and