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There are things that no one has ever thought of or so you think, at least one person on this universe has thought up something that has never even crossed your mind. This museum I went to brought to life things I have never imagined, in ways I didn’t know could even exist. Art was made and created not just by visually seeing but also by the noises that particular piece of art made. I attended an Austin Museum called Art House on February 20, 2013. I got the name of a list of museums that was provided to me by my professor. Nick Cave, the main artist that was presented at the museum lives and works in Chicago. Cave studied at North Texas State University, Denton, and has an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. He also has studied fiber art. He has taught for nearly twenty years at the School for the Art Institute of Chicago where he is the Chair of the Fashion Department I found that I like contemporary art, at first I wasn’t exactly sure what the art museum showed but when I saw the building it caught my eye. The art from the outside looking in intrigued me. The museum as a whole was very strange. The different types of art were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The pieces of art that were used are found in the most ordinary places but you wouldn’t think of using them as art. Everyday items were presented as art in unusual forms. The piece that caught my eye the most and that I was greatly moved by was a piece called “The Drive-by.” Nick Cave, the artist, created this human like sculpture called a “soundsuit” which gets its name from the sounds that the textured materials may make while their wearer moves. The video that these performers are in really sparks your imagination, and also heightens your sense of sound and sight of what noises the suit is making. I would say that the audience most attracted to this type of artwork or museum was a younger generation, they were more casually dressed, hipster, overall early 20s. As far as small talk in the museum it was absent. The museum was really quiet because everyone was too focused on the art pieces to really talk. The way that the art pieces related to me as a person, was through my personality and creativity, the way the pieces are put together, the thought that goes into putting the pieces together. I’m a very creative person and I use my imagination when it comes to hands on activities. There is one piece of art that I didn’t get to see for myself but I thought was important to mention, it’s called “The Sweeper Clock”. As said by Maarten Baas “It is a synthesis of performance, visual art, film, and design that depicts two street cleaners with brooms sweeping lines of debris in order to stimulate moving clock hand. The act of physically sweeping the clock hands every minute parallels the myth of Sisyphus- the figure of Greek mythology condemned to forever repeat the same task of pushing a