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I chose stage 8 stagnation from the Relational Maintenance Model. This is “the couch scene,” where they are sitting on the couch together behaving towards each other in a bored, old, familiar way without much feeling; which seems they lost the will to grow with one another. As they sit on the couch, their communication climate is disconfirming, while Josh flips the channel of the TV. He then asked Marisa what she would like to do and Marisa gives Josh a detached and impersonal response; throughout that particular scene their content dimension and body language seems detached. I notice their dialectical tension is predictability-novelty dialect; in which the relationship needs a balance of one predictable relational partner, and the other to be more spontaneous. Also, they have become disorientated communicators with one another due to their overwhelming helplessness; in which they are unable to confront their issues and problems that have risen in the relationship. The disconfirming messages between them are incongruous and impersonal responses, through the use of their non-verbal body language. The monologue between them is filled with detached generalized statements; they have dismissed eye contact, physical affection, any intellectual stimulation, and interest in one another. At this point, one of them needs to be problem-oriented, while the other is empathetic; so that they may form a more equality and provisionalism style. In order for them to achieve greater supportive behavior with one another; the relationship type would need to have some complementary style with a form of balanced communication between them. Lastly, they need more openness dialect through the…