Strangers: Main Street and Nakhmanovich Alexander Kindness Essays

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Nakhmanovich Alexander Kindness of strangers.
I am sitting on a luxury sofa, in an enormous room full of expensive pieces of work, starting from paintings, finishing with rare cutlery. Interestingly, half an hour ago, I was lying on a cold street with dirty clothes and even dirtier body, with nowhere to go but to try and shelter from cold by hiding between big buildings in the city where there was wind only on the the main streets due to the fact that they were wide and open for the wind to flow through them.
It all started with me being highly addicted to alcohol and not being able to control myself when I had the need and the temptation to drink more. I got myself into debts and took more and more starting from friends and finishing with close relatives like my parents. When they died I sold everything and used the money to drink again and again. Finally I was not able to pay neither tax nor the renting fee I gave to a family to whom the house belonged. I was kicked out of both my house and my community and when spending my last money in the cursed bar, I felt lonely and weak.
Having no money left, I became a homeless man with no belongings or debts and felt free as I wondered down the cold street, not knowing how bad the situation will get when the real cold comes.
When it came, I was forced to beg for shelter but of course rejected by the people who were sitting in their warm houses, watching television and laughing with their families. I was sure that I would not survive that winter; however, a very extraordinary event changed my life completely.
During that extraordinary cold night, the first time in my life, I was not sure if I can make it through till morning. So I just lay there, waiting for the end to come. I could not feel a single part of my body and I also could feel insects crawling up and down under my shirt. I was on the main street in the city, not being able to move anywhere warmer.
Suddenly, a car stopped in front of me and I could tell, even though I could only see a bit due to my eyes being very blurry, that it was a very high quality one. A big, chubby and old looking man came out of the car and looking at me with pity and suspicion at the same time, came up close to me and told me that I am going with him. At first, I thought that it was the devil himself coming to take me to hell, and that is the sign of me dying but I had no strength left in me so I tried to stand up but fell down straight away. He picked me up and assisted me by putting my hand over the back his neck.
My hands