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BHS0027 –Assignment Guidance
Drawing on a range of analytical models, conduct a comprehensive strategic analysis of CRH and recommend a strategy for the organisation. In your analysis it is also important to highlight limitations of using analytical models in strategic analysis.
Please note that you may use any models that you find relevant to conduct the strategic analysis of CHR. However ideally you should avoid using more that 3 models as this would affect clarity and focus of your analysis. You could utilise 1 -2 models in part 2 of the assignment and 1 in part 3-the conclusion.
We advise the following structure as specified in the brief
Part 1: Selection, critical evaluation and justification of the choice of the models
Once you have selected relevant analytical models, you should critically evaluate them in this section. This means focussing on their application as well as advantages and disadvantages. W e would expect you to provide relevant references from literature to support your analysis. For example, if the Value Chain is one of your selected models, you should define and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages as an internal analysis model.
You can have a separate introduction to the assignment if you wish but this needs to be very brief – Remember the word count!
Part 2: Critical analysis with application of the chosen models (60%)
This is the most important part of the assignment, constituting 60% of the total marks.
Please note that this section should demonstrate critical analysis and evaluation. Here, we expect you to apply the relevant model (s) that you identified in part 1 to CRH. For example, if you have selected the Cultural web and Ansoff’s matrix in part 1, you could then apply the
Cultural web in this section,