Strategic Analysis Of Walmart Essay

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Strategic Analysis of Wal-Mart
Mahesh Pasupuleti
Wilmington University
IST 7100 IT Policy and Strategy
Dr. Bonnie English-Whitlock

Strategic Analysis of Wal-Mart Walmart is one of the biggest retailer company in U.S. and is identified as one of the biggest multinational companies around the world. Walmart was opened first by Sam Walton and James "Bud" Walton in Rogers, Arkansas in the year 1962. By the year 1970, Wal- Mart has 18 stores around and $44 million sales revenue, in the same year Walmart was made public . Walton continued to open stores and planned to open and locate them mostly in small and midsized towns from 70's-80's. The company expanded so fast and the profit dramatically increased , by 1980 the number of store increased to 276 stores with sales revenue to $1.2 billion (Walmart Stores). In 1983 Sam's club was first started on the name of "SAM'S Wholesale Club. It started with a joint venture with Cullum Companies with an area of 200,000-sq,-ft at that time. After Sam Walton retired in 1988, David Glass Succeeded and became the next CEO of Walmart. After the business progressed, it expanded too many countries and first amongst them being the neighboring country Mexico. As it began to expand its business the second CEO David Glass retired and remained as one of the chairman. The former COO Lee Scott took over as the next CEO of Walmart. By the year 2002 Walmart was spread all across the world and Fortune Magazine ranked them as largest retailer in America in the same year. In the later stages the business expanded and went online with numerous products and made quick progress in spite of many issues that were encountered. (Fan Yang, n.d.).
Mission Statement
“We save people money so they can live better”("Mission Statement,.n.d.)

Goals and Objectives
Empowerment of women's economy
Increased Sourcing from Women-Owned Business:
Sourcing $20 billion from women owned business for U.S. business and double sourcing from international women suppliers from the countries where they do business.
Launch a dedicated women owned product business in market place.(Wal-Mart Global Responsibility, n.d.)
Sustainability of Environment: Environment has become major point essential ingredient for a business to run responsibly and successfully. As a successful business the company has potential to ensure their customer's money and help ensure better world for the upcoming generations. In the same time it sets a platform for more financially stable and responsible Walmart. The major three aspirational goals are:
Energy: To be able to supply 100% renewable energy.
Waste: Produce no waste
Products: Market products that are sustainable to the people and the environment.
Responsible sourcing
Walmart has always centered for helping people live better. This not only applies to the workers, customers and associate but also to the workers who make the products.
Important Enhancement to responsible sourcing programs in three different area:
Empowerment: Empowering supplier, workers, factories and the merchants through building, training and ongoing support.

Workers safety and well-being: Focus on workers safety and well-being in the supply chain by verifying the supply chains verifying through continued audits, strengthening the labor and environment practices in the farms that supply the merchandise to the company, and proactively collaborating with other brands, governments, retailers and key stakeholders. (Walmart Global Responsibility, n.d.).

Hunger and Nutrition:
Walmart is committed to getting best, healthiest, affordable food to as many people that it can provide. The company is making more healthier food and healthier food more affordable. The company is using more affordable ways to help farmers and the communities, produce more food with and less waste, and sustainable sources for good agricultural products. (Wal-Mart Global Responsibility, n.d.).
Industrial Analysis Walmart is the most