MOWA Bottled Water In Liberia

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MOWA ­ Bottled Water in Liberia

Dave Giannattasio
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Executive Summary
This product has the ability to save lives, it is unlike any substance on planet earth, it is the utmost necessity. Our product which we are shipping via cargo ship from Nigeria to
Monrovia, Liberia is MOWA bottled water. The cost to start our project with MOWA water will be $960,000. This figure derived from the initial cost of goods sold, along with shipping costs
Specifically, $85,000 per shipment for transporting and $875,000 for COG. We plan on sending
437,500 packs of water each time while charging $3 per unity. The profit per shipment is expected to be $352,00, so it is a high­risk, high­reward investment. After the first three successful shipments to Liberia, the investors will have made their money back and begun to make a profit. Introduction:

As a company our team will strive to bring a product that Liberia is in dire need of, and

create an abundance of clean, drinkable water in the region. We believe that entering into
Liberia’s market will be rewarding and successful for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we believe that we will be providing a service to the people of Liberia that will benefit their overall way of life. Having safe and clean drinking water is essential to life and critical to staying healthy for human beings.

Without access to purified water, people are more susceptible to sickness and spread of disease. The current and most prominent way that Liberians retrieve water, is very time consuming. Liberians with no access to water must travel hours on foot to local swamps and watering holes to procure water for their families. Our purified water bottles, offer Liberians a quick and easy way to obtain drinkable water, without wasting hours of traveling for bacteria

infested water. We believe that although we will be providing a great public service to the nation, we also have a strong chance at becoming a major influence within Liberia’s economy.

Due to the fact that only 63% of the nation’s population currently has access to water,

there is an opportunity to make money within the country. Our team will be able to create and implement a strong entry strategy that will transition seamlessly into our new market. The abundance of water, along with the strong partnership that we look to maintain with Dansa
Foods, specifically Mowa Water, will be a driving factor in our future success. Dansa Foods is a company based out of Nigeria. Since Nigeria is only four small countries away from Liberia, we are confident that distribution will be easy and relatively low cost compared to some of the other producers of bottled water throughout the continent. As will be discussed in more detail in the remaining portions, there is no current producer of bottled water in Liberia. This creates a clear advantage for our company going into the market and will allow us to gain a major market share once consumers become aware of our product.

Dansa Foods is a trusted company within Nigeria and appears to be a strong fit to

transition into our targeted country of Liberia. The core values of the company include: integrity, teamwork, people development, stewardship, passion for excellence, and customer relationships. We believe that each of these values will contribute to an ethical company that can be trusted by potential consumers in our region. By providing a product that is essential for human life, at a fair price and can give a boost to the local economy, we believe that our company will be welcomed and thrive. Continuing to foster a strong relationship with both our supplier Dansa Foods and, the country we are